Saturday, June 6, 2009


irthday Cake and Cupcakes..

This cake and 32 pcs cupcakes is specially requested
by Ween (aunty) & Theresa (mum) for
Rowan's first birthday..

The cake is a Chocolate Moist Cake.. and the frosting is White Chocolate with a piece of Dark Chocolate ..Mickey Mouse Logo.. on the top of the cake... the cake size is 7" for the top and the base is 1/2 recipe for the 9" size..

extra charges:
RM 20.00 for the decoration.. and the candles..

RM 10.00 for a piece of chocolate-mickey mouse logo..

Price for the CUPCAKES..

RM 57.60 for 32 pcs...(1.80 per pcs 2.oz size )

extra charge :(depending on the design and the size)
Rm 0.50 -RM 1.00 each for the fondant figurine..
RM 0.50- RM 1.50 each for the Chocolate figurine..
RM 2.00 each for the standing letters with the bee figurine..

The price is actually depending on the design and the request by the customer..
and it is negotiable.. feel free to contact me.. if you are interested.. :)


  1. Dear Izura,

    The cake was remarkable,tasty and colorful! The cupcake designs were excellent and so cute. Thank you so much for all the effort put into the cake, it has given the family a very good memory for the little Rowan's first b'day! Hope to see more of your cakes in the future and that your interest continues to make your cakes more and more excellent!
    Thank you so much once again..


  2. Hi Ween..
    Thank you for the feedback..I'm glad to hear that the family is happy with my deliverable...
    Thanks for your best means a lot to me..thanks again for choosing me..
    keep in touch.. k.

  3. Dear Izura,

    Overall cake concept and design was excellent. The cupcake designs give a very joyful atmosphere. The main cake was chocholaty and yummy. It wasn't 'airy' and 'light' either.

    A little dissapointing was, we didn't take a proper family photo with the cake in detailed!

    David (Rowan's father)